Welcome Warrior Sister

Lets unearth our gifts and fight back

We have been given gifts to...

connect with christ

The use of our gifts leads us to Him because He is the source of our gifts and the source of our power in our ability to use them.

remember who we are

The adversary's #1 goal is to make us forget, who we are and who's we are. Using our gifts helps us remember.

unearth our full potential

This earthly experience allows us the opportunity, with the Lord's help, to discover and unearth our full potential.

Sharpen our Skills

Practice, practice, practice, because as we practice using our God given gifts we progress. We become stronger and more confident in those gifts from God.

Heed His Promptings

In order to gain a closer relationship with Jesus Christ who through His atonement enables us to do those hard, uncomfortable and impossible things.

gifts from god become our weapons

We can C.R.U.S.H.™ The Adversary

I’m passionate about arming women like us, who have experienced this betrayal, with our God given gifts, to take back control and fight back in order to accelerate our healing.

PAIN AND ANGER CAN MORPH into something good.

Are You feeling... shocked, angry, betrayed, bitter, depressed, stuck, disbelief, anxious, sad, apathetic, overwhelmed, tired, frustrated, furious, jealous, numb, infuriated, hurt, embarrassed, horrified, powerless, disgusted, distant, aggressive nauseous, rejected, fearful, inadequate, hopeless, insomnia, vulnerable, denial, lonely, Because Of Your Husband's actions?​

That’s a normal reaction and it’s okay to feel these. You need to feel those feelings to get through them. But you don’t have to be there any longer than you need or want to be. It’s time to fight!

Actually did you know, anger is the 2nd stage in the 5 stages of grief & loss? Anger is good, if you know where to put it.


YES, we have lost the idea & dreams of our old “good” marriage to this new different one. In this marriage, we are experiencing a new (to us) kind of torture, called Betrayal Trauma. We can transform ourselves to handle the torture and use our anger to fight back!

Let's Identify 21 Tactics!

The devil is a dirty fighter, and we must be aware of his tactics.

- M. Russell Ballard | General Conference Oct. 1990

P.S. You don’t have to check your email, just click download on the next page. Save the PDF to your phone so that you can refer to it often when you need it. It’s part of my trauma kit to remind me of the battle we’re in.

Quick bursts to remind you who you are

Warrior Podcast

We’re on the same team!
  • Identify how the adversary is showing up in our lives.
  • Connect with Christ to help us take back control.
  • Fight back with our God given gifts AKA weapons.