This is me after “D day” or discovery day but before my healing journey started. It was an explosion of uncontrollable emotions and happening every single day. Trying to look “normal” on the outside and get triggered and breaking down every hour was on repeat. This is the worst way to try and “survive.” I even have make up on here because I was trying to disguise the suffering I was experiencing. Is the closet floor your bed sometimes too? It was for me! The adversary knows exactly how to cripple us, has SO much experience, but we don’t have to just sit there and take it.

This one Truth changed everything

It changed everything for me and has led me on this journey years ago. The truth that – Thoughts, ideas and whispers come from 3 places; from us, from God and from satan. We do not fight against ourselves, but against the adversary!


Accelerated healing is available to all of us. I thought I needed to bury my weapons or hide them, but the Lord helped me to see that my weapons are not of war, they are of peace. The Lord has given us talents, skills, gifts and abilities [AKA Weapons] to bless others. When we use the power of our gifts and can transform our experiences to bless others, we experience what I like to call, “accelerated healing” and C.R.U.S.H. satan at the same time. Winning battles is so empowering! We can do this together.

We don't have to be idle warriors anymore!
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